We Make Money Mastery Fun!

The Money Masters Kids Club™ curriculum makes it fun, easy, and cost-effective for parents to equip and motivate their children (elementary grades 1-5) to master money so that money never masters them.

Why Money Masters Kids Club?

Today perhaps more than ever, it is critical that our children develop solid skills in money management, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation to build a secure future. We make it hassle free for you as a parent by providing a curriculum with engaging video lessons and printable interactive activity sheets through your child's own online Money Masters Kids Club Learning Portal.

Here's What Is Included in the Curriculum:

  • Engaging Video Lessons

    Fun age-appropriate lessons on money basics, banking, investing, and starting a business (viewable on your computer or mobile device)

  • Fun Printable Activity Worksheets

    Each video will include interactive activity worksheets that will help your child apply the concepts from the lessons in a practical way.

  • Friendly Paced Learning Environment

    One lesson will be delivered via your child’s own personalized online learning portal every week to allow your child time to review and apply the concepts without overwhelm.

  • Reward System

    We provide a reward system that you can use with your child to further encourage and support the learning journey along the way.

  • Full Household Access

    Have more than one elementary aged child in your household? You can use the program with all of them for the same low price!

  • Affordable Pricing

    Money Masters Kids Club is priced affordably at three monthly payments of $39.99 or a one-time payment of only $97) . Our curriculum covers 6 months of lessons for the children in your household.

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A Proven Track Record in Youth Financial Education

The Money Masters Kids Club program was created by Samantha Porter, CEO of Integrity Taxes & Accounting Inc. and the Founder of Kidz Count Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is also the author of The Adventures of Penny and Dinero book series.

Samantha has more than a decade of experience in the area of personal and small business finances and her heart is towards helping youth have a solid financial education early so that they are equipped for a lifetime of smart financial decisions. Her motto is: “Educating youth. Creating Wealth. Changing Lives” and over 2,500 children have benefited from her financial education programs to date.

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